PLG Clean Energy Projects has forayed into Wind Power Generation & is developing a pipeline of 650 MW of Wind Power Generation Plants currently & aims to develop, finance, own, build, acquire wind power plants of 1000 MW (1GW) by 2020 with an investment of Rs 4,550 Crores (USD 758 Million).

PLGCEP’s current focus is to develop wind power plants in the vibrant states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Odisha, Karnataka & Tamil Nadu. PLGCEP’s target is to set up 250 MW of wind power plants in each of these vibrant states of India. The strategy is organic as well as inorganic in the space of wind power generation. We will build new wind power plants as well as acquire operational wind power plant assets totaling 250 MW in each of the vibrant states of India.

Total installed capacity of Wind power plants in India is 21,800MW (21.80 GW) & growing annually with several projects under various stages of development & with long coast lines & several states blessed with good wind speeds - India is a major market for wind globally. Each state of India has a potential of around 25,000 MW (25 GW) & combined all these viable states have a potential of 250,000 MW (250 GW) of wind power generation– which is equivalent to the total current installed capacity of wind power plants across the globe.

India has the potential to be the largest market for investments in wind power generation. Our objective is to develop, build & acquire 1000 MW (1 GW) of wind power plant assets by 2020 & further scale the investments to a capacity of 5000 MW (5 GW) by 2025. Wind Energy Generation is cost effective, gives a secured return on investment, is the most bankable form of energy, is affordable & scalable.