We provided 600 jobs to local villagers & their families of Dahisar Village while setting up the 1st 20 MW Solar Power Plant of India at Patan Gujarat & continue to employ the local community people & are continuously engaged in addressing their sustainable livelihood requirements, education requirements & health requirements. PLGCEP is committed to its social obligations & duties & funds the education needs of several hundreds of underprivileged youngsters in the states Gujarat & Maharashtra. PLGCEP is focused on community development & socio economic development.

The purpose is to improve the quality of life & provide access to good health & education to the local communities. The initiatives carried out by PLGCEP are helping the needy & underprivileged with access to building a better tomorrow. We believe in employing the people in our projects & facilities from the local community & source all our domestic requirements from the local communities leading to their economic development. We were amazed to be a part of the green revolution in Gujarat while developing country’s 1st 20 MW solar power plant, we saw a transition in the lifestyle & quality of life of the local community, we saw the villagers coming in to work in bicycles & on foot & after the project was successfully implemented several of them have bought their first automotives & vehicles.

We always buy land for our projects from the local villagers helping them be a part of the renewable energy revolution for a sustainable period. Energy produced by us is helping power lives of 35000 households in Gujarat & is saving 34000 tons of carbon emissions.