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Renewable Independent Power Producer: PLG Clean Energy Projects is an integrated Renewable Independent Power Producer (Re-IPP) currently developing a renewable project portfolio of 850 MW of Solar Power Generation Plant Assets & 650 MW of Wind Power Generation Plant Assets – Total Renewable Power Generation Asset Portfolio size of 1500 MW (1.5 GW). The Strategy is Organic as well as In-Organic.

Solar Power

PLG Clean Energy Projects is developing India’s largest pipeline of solar power projects of 850 MW (0.85 GW) & aims to scale it up to 4000 MW (4GW) in the next 6 years. The pipeline of 850 MW of solar power projects will be implemented in the next 3 to 4 years & PLGCEP will invest Rs 5950 Crores (USD 990 Million) to develop & own these projects. PLGCEP developed India’s 1st 20 MW solar power plant from scratch to successful commissioning in just 108 days – which is the fastest turnaround time in the world to implement a solar power plant.

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Wind Power

PLG Clean Energy Projects has forayed into Wind Power Generation &is developing a pipeline of 650 MW of Wind Power Generation Plants currently &aims to develop, finance, own, build, acquire wind power plants of 1000 MW (1GW) by 2020 with an investment of Rs 4,550 Crores (USD 758 Million).

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Climate Change, Impact & Future of Energy

Climate change has already affected millions all over the world & has caused natural calamities like drought, floods, extreme weather events, tropical diseases, increase in average temperature & these conditions will worsen in the future if we continue to depend on the conventional sources of energy generation. Our dependency on oil, gas, shale gas, coal is finite & soon these precious resources will run out.

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Clean Power India Fund

PLG Clean Power India Fund: Financing is one of the most critical issues for various renewable energy assets being developed in India. Through PLG Clean Power India Fund (PLGCPIF) we plan to invest up to Rs 6000 Crores (USD 1 Billion) by 2020.

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